“I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book … it is fascinating and packed full of facts …

I am very impressed by the extent of the work and the research and am very grateful to you … a really excellent foundation …”

(Hugh Seaborn, Chief Executive, Cadogan Estate, London)


“The original author of a history of Donington Hall, the airline’s headquarters, has returned to revise her work and include a comprehensive history of bmi to mark its 70th anniversary.

I thank Penny for her enthusiasm and patience in compiling this book.”

                                                                                (Sir Michael Bishop, Castle Donington)

“The books have just arrived and they look fantastic. Everyone is very impressed. … I have heard nothing but praise for the work and the end result.”

                                                                           (Richard Everett, Hampshire and London)

“The books do indeed look magnificent. You should be very proud of the production. Thank you for all your hard work in producing them …  it has been well worth it.”

                                                                                  (Damian Greenish, solicitor, London)

“My wife was thrilled with her Christmas present, I could never have chosen a better surprise gift.”                                                                                           (anonymous, West Sussex)

“… [My business partner] was overwhelmed at my choice of gift. He never stops talking about it. … Thank you Penny for all your meticulous work and producing such a very special present.”                                                                                      (Oliver Edwards, London)

“The report was both interesting to read and very informative … exactly what we needed for the planning application.”                                                        (Hogarth Architects, London)

“You have produced a thorough and very interesting story that brings real substance to what was once a very sketchy understanding that we had about this house. The photographs are wonderful and make the story come alive, they are a great compliment to the writing. Congratulations on what you achieved and thank you for all the hard work and meticulous attention to detail.”                                                                (Ron Mackintosh, Lodsworth)

“Your report was very comprehensive and informative. We have found it very helpful in narrowing down who has the benefit of the restrictive covenant in question.”     

                                                                                   (Sarah Buckberry, solicitor, London)

“Thank you so much the energy you put into our house history. The book was a fascinating read.”                                                                                       (Peter Burnham, Midhurst)

“The book arrived in plenty of time for my wife's birthday ... we are both so thrilled with the result.”                                                                                     (Adrian Loxworth, Rutland)


“Thank you for all the hard work you put into our history. It is beautifully produced and very interesting.”                                                                             (Jenny Howard, Cranbrook)


“Many, many thanks for the history ... Your hard work is greatly appreciated.”

(Jane McNeil, Salisbury)


“Thank you for the history for which we are all so pleased. ... I can't thank you enough for all the care you put into every aspect of the book.”                        (Julia Sheard, Isle of Wight)


“The book was waiting here on our return from India. We are both absolutely delighted, especially Peter who was very touched by all the little personal bits. We will be delighted to recommend you.”                                                               (Brenda Pond-Jones, Richmond)

“A beautiful piece of work for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you so much for such a diligent and thorough effort.”                                                    (Michael Pearce, Belgravia)

“My husband was thrilled with the book. I've hardly had a look in as everyone else has been pouring over it. Such a success. Thank you so much.”            (Shirley Brihi, St John's Wood)

Berwin Leighton Paisner, solicitors

Sir Michael Bishop

(Donington Hall, Castle Donington)

bmi airways

Alan Boyd

(Gainslaw House, Berwick-upon-Tweed)


(House Detectives series)

British Gas

British Rail

(Liverpool Street Station)

Cadogan Estate

Nigel Colne

(Old Richmond Palace Gate House)

Roger Hancock

(Marine Parade, Brighton)

Lord Harris of Peckham

(Glassenbury, Kent)

Hogarth Architects

John Lyon Estate

Ron Mackintosh

(Redens, Lodsworth)

MWB Group, property developers

National Trust

(2 Willow Road, Hampstead)

The Office Group

(Paddington Station)

Paskin Kyriakides Sands, architects

Pemberton Greenish, solicitors

Julian Schild

(Blomfield Road)

Sloane Stanley Estate

Paul Smith

(The Black Horse, Amberley)

Sunday Express

(25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester)

Sunday Times

Taylor Clark Properties

James Thompson

(Upper Brook Street)

Walled Garden at Cowdray

Weald & Downland Museum

(‘How to be a House Detective’ day schools)

Bill Wyman

(Gedding Hall)

Michael Zuckerman,

(Worshipful Master, The Coopers’ Company, 2012-13)

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